Theo Doreleijers - EFCAP 2018 | Committees

Prof. Theo Doreleijers

Theo Doreleijers, director of the Rotterdam Academic Workplace ‘Youth at Risk’. 

From ’97 to ’13 professor of child and adolescent psychiatry at VU University medical center Amsterdam and from ’07 to ’13 professor of forensic psychiatry at the Dpt. of Criminal Justice, Faculty of Law, Leiden University, and training professor at the Academic Centre Child and Adolescent Psychiatry de Bascule, Amsterdam (1997-2012). 

Member of the Council of Law Enforcement and Youth Protection.

Awards: VU University Society Impact Award (2010) and University’s Best Teacher (2012).

President of the European Association for Forensic Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychology and allied professions EFCAP ('97-'14); honorary president since 2014.

Royal Decoration: Officer in the Order of Orange Nassau (2013) for initiating neurobiological research on juvenile delinquents in The Netherlands and setting up the European professional network EFCAP.